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Zaparoom’s Top 5 Wine Tasting Bars In London


What better way to spend your Friday or Saturday night than with a glass of wine and your flatmates? Shake some life into your flatshare and try one of our favourite wine bars out!


  1. Vagabond Wines

Vagabond Wines is a personal favourite of the Zaparoom team, located just by Fulham Broadway Station in a lovely quiet walking area you find this little gem. Here the wines are lined up in long glass shelves marked with a short description and the prices. As you walk in you top up a card that can then be used for the wine dispensing machines, you can by “samples” and have your own wine tasting session or glasses or even bottles once you’ve found your favorite. They also serve great little bites that go amazingly with the wine!

  1. The Fulham Wine Rooms

This place have both a proper restaurant and a bar area and uses the same concept as Vagabond wines with a card and dispensing machines. This place is super cute and widely used for parties, it’s the perfect place to start one of your nights out with your flatmates!

  1. Le Bouchon Wine Bar

This is a typical French wine bar located in Blackheath, this stunning “between the restaurant and bar” wine place is a great way to get on top of your French wines. With over 25 wines available on glass and more than 100 wines served it’s the perfect place for the French wine-lover.

  1. WC Wine and Charcuterie

Located in Clapham, in a 100 year old former water closet has one of the coziest location and interiors. As the name suggest the focus of this place is great wine from both the Old and New World served with some of the best accompanied charcuteries. They select their wines based on their inherited interesting characteristics and always strive to keep their wine selection interesting and diverse. If you like wine you simply have to start your next night out here!

  1. 10 Cases

This small, they only got 10 tables!, bistro is a lovely place with a fun and interesting concept. They ever only buy 10 cases of every wine they have on their list in order to constantly try new things and explore your taste buttons. Book a table for lunch or dinner or hang out in the bar with little nibbles.


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