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Why We Love London


London isn’t just a one of the metropolitan cities of the world, it’s also home to amazing history, architecture and culture. If you haven’t explored everything there is to see and do in London you should definitely start there but have you, as we, lived here for a few years’ chances are you’ve already covered all the extraordinary places in the city itself. However, the city’s interesting history and lovely places to visit is not the only reason we love it.

To celebrate our winner of the New York Times: 36 Hours Europe we wanted to tell you all about London’s advantages when it comes to travelling in and around Europe. London’s location gives it the benefit of being right in the middle of Europe which means it is brilliant for traveling.

If you’re not familiar with St Pancras, get on top of it straight away s they have trains running hourly to Paris, Marseille, Lille, Avignon, Lyon, Amsterdam, Brussels and Burges. The benefit of hopping on the train is that you don’t have to waste precious time going to the airport, arriving hours before your flight and then arriving somewhere outside the city borders of where you’re going. You simply get to St Pancras 30 min before departure, you’ve got Wifi on the train, you don’t have to wait for your luggage and you usually arrive right in the heart of the city, which means you can avoid airport transfers. If you book in advance, you’ll get a good price and if you’re flexible to travel on slightly awkward times you can get a really great deal!


If the Eurostar doesn’t take you to your desired location then London also has a whole heap of accessible airports that will take you virtually anywhere. In less that 2 hours you can go to 100’s of places in Europe and Scandinavia and thanks to the variety of airports you can usually get your trip for decent money. How about a city weekend in Stockholm or Barcelona? Or why not explore the wine yards of Bordeaux or the history of Prague? With so many great spots to visit in Europe you and your flatmates should plan a trip asap and if you plan it well you can get it really cheap! Take advantage of London’s central location and make sure you use this year to explore Europe properly.

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