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Tips For Showing Your Spare Room To Potential Flatmates


When showing your spare room to a potential flatmate there are a few things that you should keep in mind to have the most successful outcome and below we’re giving you our top tips on showing your flatshare. First and foremost, even before you’ve created your spare room ad, make sure you tidy up. There’s nothing that puts a potential flatmate off more than a dirty and messy flat so get yourself together and spend 20 min on tidying up. A neat and clean flatshare just goes so much further. Then take realistic photos in good light to present your flat in the best way possible. We promise, these two things, a clean and tidy flat and great light for your pictures will make the biggest difference.

Once you’ve posted your ad and someone has requested to view the room once again make sure the room and the shared areas are tidy and clean. I’m not saying you need to have a cleaner that polishes all the glasses or even hoover the floors, all you need to do is tidy up, remove the dishes, and make sure the flat looks inviting.

Its also a good idea to make the bed in the spare room as this will give a polished impression and feel like the room is ready to move into, having a set of sheets and pillows and duvet is also a great way to bring extra value to someone who’s just moved over to UK from abroad as it’s unlikely that they’ve brought that with them. You can find a cheap set with everything for around £25 on for example ASDA.


If it’s not a bright summer day then turn the lights on so the potential flatmate can see properly. Point out any specific benefits your flat and the room in particular might have such as double glazed windows, dishwasher, washing machine, private garden or terrace. Anything that might tip the scale and make your flatshare the selected choice over any other flat.

Also tell the potential flatmate about transportation and local amenities, maybe there are great connections to central London or maybe you have a 24h garage next door. Try to tell whoever is viewing as much as possible about the area, the neighborhood and the flat itself.

Its also a good idea to ask the potential flatmate what he/she does for a living, where the workplace is, their hobbies and lifestyle in general. This way you can give them a sense of how well the flat is suited to their needs and you get an idea of how well  they will fit within the existing flatshare.

As always, remember to be happy, polite and friendly and we’re sure your viewings will run smoothly and you’ll have a new flatmate in the houseshare before you know it!

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