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Tips on Moving to the UK- How to get settled from Culture With Travel


Hi guys,

A few weeks back Zaparoom created a blog post for Culture With Travel (you have to go check them out) about what it is like to move to the UK. What it’s like, what you should think about, some tips and finally how you can tackle homesickness!

“Get set, deal with cultural differences, and tackle homesickness

As a globetrotting Swede, I realized early that Sweden was too small, and that I had to go explore the world. Upon graduating from high school, I packed up my stuff, waved good bye to my family, and set off on my first great escapade. A few adventures later my view was now set on UK and London. As a young 20-something, I had decided it was time to grow up a little bit and start studying, and what better place to that than in London? It was fairly close to home, they speak English and I didn’t need any visas or complicated paperwork. It was a done deal!……. “

To read the rest head over to the lovely peeps on Culture With Travel and the post itself can be found here!


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