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Spring Clean, The Facelift of Your Flat


Its that time of year again, the sun is coming out and all of a sudden you can see all the dirt that’s been hiding away in the corners during the darker months or the stains on the windows. So get your flatmates together for a fun spring cleaning day. Make sure you’ve got a plan for what you want done during the day so it will be efficient. For a list of things you should could include in your spring clean have a look at this post! And here are some of the things we think is important:

  1. Windows
  2. Tiles (bathroom and kitchen)
  3. Mattress
  4. Oven
  5. Washing machine
  6. Fridge & Freezer
  7. Drains
  8. Closet

Although, in the end it is all about making your home feel fresh and for you to be happy so do whatever YOU think is most important.

We think you should turn spring cleaning into an activity you can all enjoy together, cleaning doesn’t have to be boring, we promise!


Hopefully you already have a great atmosphere in your flatshare and you know who’s good at what but if not then have a little chat before you start and divide the tasks in a way that works for you. Maybe that’s to divide the work by area, everyone looks after their own room plus one communal area. Maybe that’s dividing it by chores, one looks after all windows, one does all the vacuuming etc- you get the point.

Once you’ve divided the work we think the best way to get through a tough cleaning session is to pop on some motivating music that makes you want to dance, crank up the volume and get to work!

Once you feel like your halfway through why don’t you stop for some tea and cake to give you some new energy alternatively finish off the cleaning session with some pizza or sushi takeaway? If you’re in London you know that most places aren’t that big so even if you have a huge cleaning session it’s unlikely that it’ll take more than a few hours especially if there’s a couple of you so it won’t be too bad we promise and the reward is totally worth it. Having a clean and fresh place as spring is knocking on the door is just the best feeling. It will make you want to do more and really make the most of the extra hours of light we’re about to get like having people over for drinks or dinner or if you’re lucky enough to have a garden maybe even a BBQ.

Lets get on shall we? Just bite the bullet, slap those plastic gloves on and kill this year’s spring clean!

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