Renting Out Our Spare Room- A Flat-sharers Story



When me and my friend first moved into our Chelsea flat it was a two bed flat with one quite big room and one slightly smaller, a modern but small kitchen and a bright reception room. During our first year we were the only ones living there but as time moved on we realised that we barely used the living/reception room and money was a bit tight.

That’s when we asked our landlord if he’d be happy to exchange the sofas to a 3rd double bed and our third friend could move in with us. As we’d been good tenants our landlord didn’t have any problems at all with this arrangement and all of a sudden we were three! For 6 months we had a great time but eventually our friend unfortunately was moving on to a new job and a new country and this was the first time we had to find a complete stranger to move in to our now spare room.


After posting an ad we had quite a bit of interest in the flat and we started doing viewings. Over a year or so we had a few different people staying with us, no one was really terrible but no one was great either. We kept to ourselves and didn’t really have a lot in common which was too bad as we’d had so much fun when our friend lived there. However most of the time the flat was in good shape and the cleaning schedule worked as planned although you’d have the occasional sink filled with dishes or someone rumbling in, waking everybody up at 5am but over all it worked.

As one of the guys we’re moving out to go and live with a mate of his we once again were looking for a new person to join and this time we thought we’d be a bit more picky, who ever was going to rent our spare room for the next 6 months had to be someone we could hang out with. That was our criteria and when people came to view we really tried to get a sense for their personality, lifestyle and what they liked doing. By asking the people that viewed more personal questions we really got a good feeling for how suitable they would be to live with us and luckily we really clicked with one of the girls that was viewing. Our flat was the first one she viewed but she loved it (and us!) and took it straight away.

2 years down the line she’s just decided to move back home and we were all amazed when we thugh about how long she’d been here. We really became great friends and would spend most of our weekends together, travelling together and growing together. She’s really become one of our closest friends and it will be difficult to find someone to take her place but now we know how important it is to make sure you and the potential flatmate is a good match. That you share the same interests and lifestyle, that you like the same things and have similar values.

That’s why we will use Zaparoom to find our next flatmate as they will help us make sure who ever is moving in will be a great fit!


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