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You know you’re flatmate is from SPAIN when…

This is a series of typical country characteristics you might find in your flatmate. So every now and then we will cover 5 personal traits related to a certain country. So here we go, first country: Spain!

spain flatmate
You know your flatmate is from Spain when….
1. He/she is never on time, if he says 8pm he really means 9pm (at the earliest)
2. He/she makes hand gestures when he’s on the phone (dude- no one sees your gestures!!)
3. He/she acts like he’s known you all his life within 2 minutes of meeting you (yes, they’re super-friendly)
4. He/she tells you about last night’s episode of Game of Thrones like it was the biggest news of the year (can’t blame them for lack of engagement!)
5. He/she change their mind like you change your underwear and they go from one end of the spectra to the opposite (yep they love change and they can be a bit contradictive)

Do any of these personality traits hit the chord? Well if so, maybe you yourself are Spanish or you live with a Spaniard!

Happy Flatsharing!

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