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Why Choosing a Flatshare When Arriving in London

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We know, you’ve decided to move to London and now you’re debating whether to get your own place or join a flatshare.


You’ve heard about the fun parties and the great memories created in a flatshare, but you’ve also heard about the horror stories such as money arguments and personality clashes.

What would be the best choice for you? To help you decide we’ve gathered a few factors you should consider when making your choice.

  1. Budget

This will, for most people, be the biggest determining factor when deciding to live in a flatshare or renting a place on your own. Your budget will dictate how much you can spend on rent and living expenses and will therefore largely affect your choice. Your living costs will automatically be lower if you decide to join a flatshare as your rent will be lower and council tax, utilities bills, internet and TV license will be divided amongst all professionals in the flatshare. Another cost to consider is commuting expenses- the closer you are to central London or your workplace the less you’ll have to spend on transportation. Furthermore you normally have to pay a deposit when moving in to a new place and this too, will usually be smaller if you join a flatshare than if you rent your own place.

Once you’ve decided what budget you are comfortable with you need to know what characteristics and requirements you are looking for in your new home. These are the things that you NEED, not things that are nice to have.

  1. Requirements

  • Will you spent a lot of time in the flat or will you be out and about all the time? Do you simply want a place to sleep or do you want a home where you can hang out with your flatmates and have friends over?
  • What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? A busy, chic, family friendly or a quiet one?
  • Do you have your own furniture or do you want to rent a furnished room or a flat?
  • Is cleanliness important to you?
  • Does your new home need to be located close to a tube, train or rail station? Or perhaps close to a school or a large park.

The relationship between your budget and requirements will largely determine if you decide to look for a flatshare or a flat on your own as well as what areas in London you should focus you search.

The perks and flaws of living in a flatshare

Now that we’ve had a look at the factors that are likely to determine your choice of flatshare or your own flat, let’s quickly cover some benefits and drawbacks of living in a flatshare. On a side note- the success of your flatshare is highly dependent on you and your flatmates making an effort. A few tips on securing a happy flatshare can be found here

You’ll never be alone again! In a flatshare there’s always someone home and someone you can do things with.

Cooking for two is way more fun than cooking for one!

There’s someone to care for you and run your errands when you’re sick!

Less personal space! In a flatshare your room is your only private place and you have to adapt to your flatmates.

There’s always a risk or chance 😉 your flatmates are throwing an after party whether or not you’re into it.

flatmates, flatshare, roommates

Despite the ups and downs, we believe there is no better feeling or experience than moving out of home, and living with flatmates makes it a so much better experience. We’re convinced you’ll have the time of your life!

If you want a few more benefits of living with a flatmate check this post out.

Zaparoom hopes this little post has made your decision to look for a room or a flat slightly easier!

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