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What Is The Best Flatmate Profession in UK? Chef, Student or Lawyer?


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Who would you rather live with? A student, a banker, a nurse or an artist? At Zaparoom we’ve been thinking about all the different professions that are out there and who we’d rather have as our flatmate. Needless to say every profession has its advantages and disadvantages but in the end we managed to agree on a few different professions we wouldn’t mind having present in the flat!

Here are our top 5 flatmate professions!

  1. Chef


The Sunday roast is saved. Having a chef as a flatmate means interesting food in the fridge and having the flat to yourself for dinner time- perfect if you want to bring a date over 😉

  1. Doctor


Feeling a little under the weather, don’t fret! If your flatmate is a doctor he can quickly give some you advise as to if what you’ve caught is life-threatening or you’re just being a pussy!

  1. Lawyer


Ever felt that it could be good to know your rights in a certain situation or that it would be comforting to have someone who actually understood the language in a contract read it? Grab yourself a lawyer roommate and all of those issues will be history.

  1. PR Manager


Do you know the amount of goodies received and cool events attended by your PR friend? Well if they’re working in the right place the answer will be LOADS- make him or her your flatmate and maybe they’ll be nice enough to share some of all the perks with you.

  1. Nightclub manager


“Ok, So what’s the plan for tonight?” A question most of us flatsharers hear every other Friday and Saturday. Sometimes planning is tiring and when you’re having one of those nights imaging your flatmate as a nightclub manager. You would ALWAYS have a plan, somewhere to go. Ah, what a lovely thought…..

We would love to know what your preferred flatmate professions are, why don’t you drop us a comment below?

Happy Flatsharing

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