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My Flatsharing Story – The Unwanted Kiss


Here at Zaparoom we like to hear both about your flatsharing success stories, (you know those that left you with a new BFF for life or maybe even your soulmate) and about your flatshare horror stories. We’d love for you to share some of your own stories with us to create a series of “readers experiences” but most of all we want to hear it because we bet your story is too good to keep to yourself. To kick things off I’ll start with one of my most awkward flatshare encounter.

Back in the days me and my long-term flatmate had temporarily turned our living room into a 3rd bedroom over early fall to accommodate for a guy that had rented one of our bedrooms over summer when we weren’t in London. He didn’t get access to his new place until a month or two after we got back so we offered him to stay in the living room on an air-mattress we had lying around which he was happy to do.

A few weeks into our new co-living situation me and my long-term flatmate decided we wanted to go out. She and her boyfriend were going for dinner so we decided to all meet up once they were done which meant I had to start the party on my own. I grab a bottle of wine on my way home and friendly as one is asked our other flatmate, let’s call him Rob, if he wanted to join me for a glass before I went out. One glass became the bottle and by 11pm or so I messaged my friend to see how dinner was going, they still weren’t finished and she wasn’t sure her boyfriend wanted to go out after so she didn’t want to make any promises. Well, I though, I’m all done up and it would’ve been fun to do something! So I decided to head over to the pub around the corner to our flat, its our local so I figured I was bound to bump in to someone I knew. Said and done 2 minutes later I had my shoes and coat on and my new roommate unassumingly asked if he could come along. Sure! I said, why not! Let’s get going!

A few minutes later we were in the pub and Rob went over to the bar to get us a drink. He came back and as we were stood there chatting he all of a sudden leaned in to kiss me. OMG,  wtf is he doing?! I took a step to the side and managed to evade the kiss attempt. Em- what are you doing?? I asked, why would you try to kiss me?? “I’m sorry” was all I got back and it was an instant party killer, I just wanted to go home so we left the pub right after. I got into bed and a few minutes later I get a text messaged from Rob wondering if I want to come over to him in the living room. I was like- you’ve got to be kidding me? I’ve just told you off for trying to kiss me and now you’re asking me if I’d rather give up my cosy bed to come join you on the air mattress? What’s wrong with you?! No, thank you!

It’s fair to say the following morning was very awkward and I’m sure it was the booze that had gotten to him the night before but I think he was slightly ashamed and counted down to the day he was going to move out. I told my friend what had happened and she literally died from laughter, we both still do whenever we talk about the “incident” it was just so random and unexpected. Whenever I tell people about this story (yep it’s happened once or twice 😛 ) I say that it is like one of those awkward moments in a romantic comedy- it’s almost in slow-motion and you just feel so bad for the person in the movie, you’re like- dude, she’s not into you! at least that’s how I felt 😀

That’s my most awkward story, I have a few more weird ones but I’ll save those for another day. Now we want to hear about your most awkward, fun, weird, horrendous, amazing or successful flatsharing story!

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