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Tips on Packing Your Stuff and Moving in UK

Congratulation, you’ve found your new home! Now you have to start planning the actual move, everything from packing to unpack at your new place. Don’t worry though we have a couple of tips for you to make this process as easy and painless as possible!

1. Clear out your stuff

The first step is actually to weed out what will move with you and what will go in the bin (or to charity!). Simply go through all your stuff and try to realistically clear out some of it. Go through your things one at a time and ask yourself when you last used that particular item. If it hasn’t been used in the last year it is not welcome to move in to your new home and has to go into the “throw away” box.


By simply weeding out things you haven’t used lately you’ll make the packing and moving process so much easier. We know some things are difficult to let go of and if something has a special sentimental value keep it, just make sure you don’t invent a reason to keep everything and let some of your stuff go! Moving into a new flatshare can be a new start so only bring things with you that really deserves to stay.

2. Packing everything up

Next, packing! Yeah we know, not necessarily the most fun, but invite some of your friends for a packing party! Get take out, grab some beer and wine, turn up the music and let the packing begin. Everything is more fun when you are with your friends and as a bonus, they may even help you get rid of some of the things you couldn’t let go of 😉

3. Moving time

Lastly, whether you are hiring a removal company to do the moving for you or you decide to rent a truck and move yourself, make sure you get multiple quotes ahead of time. The closer you get to your moving date the more difficult it can be to find an available truck or professional mover!

Good luck moving into your new houseshare and have fun packing!

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