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Flatshare Christmas Feast


Christmas is almost here and we know that some are too far away to go home for the Holidays. That’s why we’ve put together a simple Christmas Menu so you can still have a celebration!

Start your Christmas feast off with something light, leaving room for the rest of the feast. We’d suggest either a prawn cocktails or some smoked salmon. Here are a few of our favourite recipes

For most people nothing says Christmas more than Turkey and we agree! Turkey is super traditional and not too difficult to cook. Here are a few variations to get your imagination going!

You can’t serve turkey just on its own, it really deserves all of the trimmings that is should come with. Here there’s a bit more freedom as to what should be on the Christmas table but some suggestions include Brussel sprouts, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, cabbage and mashed potatoes. Also, don’t forget the all-time Christmas favorite, pigs-in-blankets.

Sauces: No Christmas dinner is complete without sauce and there’s a few ways you can go here, either with a traditional gravy or with some cranberry sauce or if you ask me, with whatever sauce is your favourite 😛

Dessert: It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas pudding would it? Didn’t think so! However, if the fruity basin pudding isn’t for you why not try a Royal Cherry Trifle?

And don’t forget the drinks! Here I think you should just go for whatever people like but to really get into the festive spirit why not serve some bubbles?

That’s it, a traditional Christmas feast perfect for a Christmas dinner with your flatmates! However, if you’re a mixed culture flatshare why doesn’t everyone create a typical Christmas dish from their home country? That way you might learn what’s traditional in some of the other parts of the world as well!

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