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Conflict Resolution- How To Bring Up an Issues in A Flatshare


Even if you’ve found your ideal flatshare there can be issues or conflicts arising. That’s only natural- hey did you never have an argument with your siblings or parents during all of the time you lived together with them? Of course you have! Conflict and disagreement are only normal in any situation even if you’re best mates there will be situations when you will disagree.


When that day comes keep a few things in mind to make it easier.

  • Bring issues up as soon as they arise, there is no point in waiting as it usually only means it’s grown bigger and you’ve wasted unnecessary energy on it.
  • Use the sandwich model- that is start with something positive, bring up the negative stuff but then finish on a positive note again. This means that your flatmate won’t take the issue as a personal attack which means that they usually respond better and don’t get defensive.
  • Avoid to bring an issue up over text, We know this can be difficult because sometimes work commitments means you don’t really see your flatmates much but if the problem can wait it’s always better to talk about it in person.

And remember, whatever the disagreement or issue, it’s unlikely it’s the end of the world so just find a way to work it out. We’re sure all of the good times you’ve had with your flatmates weighs heavier than the few disagreement you have, so make sure you make up.

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