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Best Tips for DIY Landlords Letting a Property


Are you a landlord looking to rent either a spare room in your property or the entire property? If so have a read through this post we’ve made for RentPro. To give you a taste of what it covers you can read the intro below.

” Most landlords hand over the business of letting their property to an agent and with all right so. Letting your property carries a lot of work but if you think you have the opportunity, ability and time you can most definitely do it on your own. If you do go ahead and decide to let it by yourself there are a few things to think about and this guest post fro Zaparoom, the flat-sharing platform, aims to cover these.

First, before you even start looking for potential tenants or how much you can charge there are a few things you need to do.

  • you need to contact your mortgage provider as they may require you to rent your property on an Assured Shorthold basis.
  • let your insurance provider know that you are now letting the property otherwise it may not cover you in the case of theft, fire or damage to the property.
  • Get your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) as this is required for rental properties by law.

If you have a freeholder you should inform them of the letting as well.

Once you’ve made sure the above is dealt with its time to get your property ready. Now it is time for you to decide whether you are going to let your property furnished or unfurnished. Depending on layout and location one may be preferred over the other……” Read the rest here!


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