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Admit the reason you want to live in a flatshare is because once upon a time you saw this movie or this tv series about an awesome flatshare. You saw all the fun they had, the parties, the friendships, the craziness, even the “who’s turn to clean” arguments you saw seem to have that magic glow on them. That’s when you decided- I H A V E to live in a flatshare. I have to rent a room in a house with awesome people just like the movies!

No, that wasn’t how it went? Well then have a look at the movies below and we’re sure you’ll get super excited about finding or your new flatshare (or maybe they’ll make you run a mile :O )

Bridesmaids– Not that Bridesmaids isn’t hysterically funny just as it is, but the crazy sibling flatmates of Kirsten Wiig makes this a Must See!



Notting Hill– Ok, we admit that we’ve probably seen Notting Hill one time too many but how can you not? 1. It takes place in London, 2. It has the funniest flatmate relationship in history and 3. A little bit of love– what more can you ask for?



Social Network– Maybe not the funniest of roommate movies but hey, it shows how two roommate college kids started one of the most known companies of today and that has to count for something.



You, Me and Dupree– Ah, the uninvited roommate, we’ve all had them, “Oh I just need somewhere to stay for a day or two”… two months down the line they’re still there! Add a couple into the mix and it gets really interesting and quite funny.



Stepbrothers– Another forced housesharing situation due to two grown men’s parents falling in love and getting married. The 39 and 40-year olds are forced to live together and even becoming stepbrothers to both of their dislike and to our amusement they do everything to get in the way for one another.



There we go, our top 5 roommate movies to make you want to find your ultimate flatshare asap!

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