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5 Ways To Become BEST Friends With Your Flatmates


Living in a flatshare is such a great opportunity to make new friends for life. You’ll hear countless of stories from people that have stayed friends for ages after they first happened to live together. There’s also the odd couple and marriage as a result of an extra great flatshare. Follow our 5 tips below and you and your new flatmates will be bff’s for life!



  1. Cook together- cooking together is a great way of getting to know your flatmate and really become close. If you’re from different countries it even lets you explore your flatmates culture and cuisine which is and additional bonus. It’s also much more fun to cook and eat when there’s two or more of you than just by yourself. So try to get cooking once a week or how ever often you can find the time and we’re sure your bond will grow stronger by the meal.
  2. Go out together- nothing build friendships as a night out. Grad your flatmates and organize for a night out. You could head to the local pub or do a pub crawl or you can put on your best shoes and head to one of the many clubs in and around the city. It’s universally known that the memories (or lack thereof) created during a night out will bring you and your flatmates closer together.
  3. Watch a tv series together- one great way of making sure you and your flatmates see eachother at least once a week is to start watching a TV series together. It will give you something to talk about and also ensures you’re all glued to the telly every Tuesday at 9pm so at least you can have your weekly catch up!
  4. Train together- “Couples that train together, stay together” is the saying isn’t it? Well we’re sure that goes for flatshares as well. Having a training buddy is a great way to push yourself in the gym or while out running and who better to team up with than your flatmates. Put a training schedule together and watch both your muscles and your friendship grow.
  5. Have fun together- last but not least- really this is probably the most important way to become best friends with your flatmates. Have fun together! Do things that you enjoy and that makes you both laugh. Care about eachother and treat each other the way you’d want to be treated.

As long as you’re open minded and respectful we’re sure you and you’re flatmates will be the greatest of friends.


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