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10 Must Have Apps For Every London Flatshare


Flatsharing can be a bit challenging at times and to help ease your flatshare situations we’ve collected 10 apps every flatshare should use!

1. HomeSlice


Share messages and keep track of bills and chores with HomeSlice, a clever app that is easy to update.  It sends notifications to your housemates when something needs done, or when you’ve completed a household task. The app is specifically designed for housemates which means is will be perfect for you as a flatshare.

Get it for iOS and Android.


2. Splitwise


Split rent and utilities with ease using Splitwise. You and your housemates can enter all your house-related expenses on the go and arrange to be notified of what’s been paid and when. In addition you can always access a complete expense report.

Get it for iOS and Android


3. IOU


Use IOU to manage the debts between you flatmates. You can use the app to record and share what you and your housemates owe each other for rent and utilities, and even schedule repayments.

Get it for iOSAndroid, and Windows.


4. OurGroceries


Share grocery lists with your housemates instantly, and keep them informed about what’s been crossed off and what’s left to buy. This app is a perfect tool to ease the task of cutting down expenses by getting your groceries together. More tips on saving money in a flatshare can be found here.

Get it for iOS and Android.


5. UpTo


UpTo helps you sync calendars with your housemates so you can keep track of who will be home when and schedule household tasks, bill payments, and house socials.  You can use the app for keeping track of who is paying their bills on time, what events they may be at, when their friends are coming over for house socials and basically anything you can think of.

Get it for iOS and Android.


6. Tody


Set up Tody to keep track of basic household cleaning tasks, and the app will update you on how long it’s been since a task was last done. No need for you to keep track of when the next cleaning session is due.

Get it for iOS.


7. Chorma


Assign and claim household chores between your housemates, and notify everyone once they’re done with Chorma. Furthermore you can set up individual and group rewards for completing tasks to make household chores a bit more fun, yey!

Get it for iOS.


8. Fairshare


Another app specially designed and created for flatshares are Fairshare. This app allows you to manage expenses, to-do lists, groceries, and group messages in one single place making your flatsharing experience much easier.

Get it for iOS and Android.


9. Handy


Every household needs Handy for sticky situations as well as for a simple cleaning session. You can use Handy to hire cleaners and professional household services like plumbing and Ikea construction to keep your flatshare clean and hassle free. The app promises next-day appointments and background-checked professionals.

Get it for iOS.


10.White Noise

white noise

Shut out noisy flatmates and escape some shared-house associated stress with White Noise. The app is designed to help you relax and fall asleep faster and deeper. So even if there’s a party upstairs, you’re ready for work the next morning.

Get it for iOS and Android.


We hope this helps and that you’ll check some of these out!

Happy Flatsharing!

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